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Technology and Applied Studies

Technology and Applied Studies (TAS) is a wide-ranging subject that aims to develop a student’s understanding of design processes and encompasses many different practical based subjects.

The aim of TAS is to educate students on how to manage, interpret, shape and alter their environment to improve their quality of life at home, school, in work places and in the broader community. The rapid rate of technological change in an increasingly knowledge-based society highlights the need for flexible technological capability, innovative thinking and effective communication skills.

Technology education integrates both procedural and conceptual knowledge based on a holistic view of design. Students identify needs that have personal relevance, apply design theory and use design processes that encourage flexibility, resourcefulness and imagination in the development, communication and production of quality solutions.

Throughout Stage 4, students at St Bede’s will undertake studies in Technology Mandatory. Whilst studying this 200-hour course students will complete units in Food Technology and Agriculture, Digital Technologies, Wood Work and Textiles. 

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