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Student Leadership

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Student Leadership

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At St Bede’s, we help all students develop leadership skills through formal leadership roles and practical leadership opportunities. Students relish the opportunity to make decisions, take on responsibilities and have input into the direction of our School. So too, our teachers value student agency and the opinions of the many young and creative minds they are guiding.

Students are actively encouraged to contribute to the life of the College by taking on leadership roles. St Bede’s Catholic College provides a student leadership program for students to develop their confidence and skills.

We have opportunities for students to become involved in five different Student Committees: Social Justice, Wellbeing, Stewardship, Learning whilst also being their House Representative. Students are appointed to committees annually as the result of a rigorous application and interview process.

Leadership Application Process 

Step 1

-Complete a nomination form.

Step 2

-Homeroom teacher and year coordinator will meet to decide on three candidates for an interview.

Step 3

-Each of the three candidates will have an interview with both their homeroom teacher and student coordinator.

Step 4

-Homeroom leadership candidate decided and announced. 

Leading the St Bede's Way 

Leadership at St Bede’s means having:

  • Courage – Strength and Persistence

Courage means much more than bravery; it means having the strength and persistence to take risks and at times make difficult decisions.

  • Faith – Faith and Enlightenment

At the heart of everything is always Jesus Christ. At the heart of all we do here at St Bede’s is Jesus Christ, we always keep this in mind with everything that we do.

  • Knowledge – Passion and Learning

Knowledge is a valuable resource; leaders are passionate and always learning. This allows them to well-informed and considered decisions.

  • Community – Harmony and Connection

As a leader you will be able to connect with students and staff and help build a vibrant school community where a real sense of belonging and spirit is fostered.



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