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Principal's Welcome

St Bede’s Catholic College; a Catholic school serving Chisholm and its surrounds.

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Principal's Welcome

Principal John Murphy welcomes you to St Bede's

Set within the new and growing suburb of Chisholm, St Bede’s Catholic College opened with approximately 110 Year 7 co-educational students in 2018.  Since that time, we have expanded by a further two-year groups and now have approximately 360 Year 7 – 9 students.   We will continue to expand by one-year group per calendar year until becoming a full Year 7 – 12 coeducational school in 2023.  Construction of the school is expected to be completed at the start of 2023, where there will be four interconnected contemporary designed buildings equipped to cater for a student population of about 1,100.  When completed, St Bede’s will have a large playing field and basketball courts, access to local council playing fields.  This and the open design of the College will allow students to enjoy generous outdoor facilities.

St Bede’s two feeder schools are St Aloysius Catholic Primary School, located next door, and Our Lady of Lourdes, Tarro.  Many other students come from a wide range of other primary and secondary schools.  

St Bede’s is proudly recognised as a faith-based Catholic school; representing the story and traditions of Catholicism; and inter-personally reflecting the core Catholic values of love, justice, truth and compassion. In offering a quality Catholic education, St Bede’s provides the opportunity for staff and students to further deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.  St Bede’s provides students with a unique opportunity to be part of a faith-filled Catholic community committed to high standards, personal best, and service to others.

The key components that drive the development of the school are Faith, Knowledge, Courage and Community. These components align to the four domains of our Strategic Plan – Catholic Formation and Mission, Learning, Leadership, Wellbeing and Partnerships.

As an inclusive community open to students of all Christian denominations and other religions, there is a clear expectation that all students will engage in all aspects of the College life, including timetabled Religious Studies classes, Masses, prayer and retreats. Whilst respecting the diverse religious and cultural composition of the College student body, a positive engagement in and support of the Catholic faith tradition and values is an enrolment expectation.

To know more about St Bede’s and to keep updated on the many exciting developments and news, I encourage you to explore our website and to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

John Murphy


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