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Are you looking to be part of an exciting new era in education for the Chisholm community? If so, a role at St Bede’s Catholic College could be exactly what you’re looking for 

All roles for the College, teaching and non-teaching, are listed on the Catholic Schools Office website 

Foundation Assistant Principal, Brett Donohoe, shares why he is so excited to be part of the St Bede’s foundation leadership team. 

"To witness a school evolve into a vibrant, safe, inclusive and welcoming Catholic community is exactly what I get to be a part of here at St Bede’s.   

Contemporary and engaging teaching and learning practices will be embraced by all students and no student will be left behind as the curriculum will be differentiated to cater to the needs of all.  

Staff will be committed to our Catholic identity and focused on building positive relationships which engage each student leading to meaning and purpose in all they do.  

Through their experiences at St Bede’s, students will become confident, resilient, compassionate and reflective young men and women.  

They will be comfortable with their own faith and informed citizens wanting to make a positive contribution in our world."

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