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The study of Personal Development, Health and Physical Activity (PDHPE) enables students to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes that are required to lead and promote healthy, safe and active lives. The programs and lessons that are delivered at St Bede’s are highly contextualised to meet the student’s needs, interests and abilities. The focus is on educative purposes, taking a strengths-based approach and valuing movement.

Throughout Years 7 – 10, PDHPE is mandatory for all students. In Stage 4, the students explore their identity, focus on how to develop respectful relationships, explore their growth and development, investigate the importance of understanding mental health, focus on how to embrace diversity and prepare for risk taking scenarios. The students will be provided with the opportunity to develop their water safety skills at the end of Year 7 and participate in an introduction to first aid in Year 8.

In Stage 5, the students develop their skills in analysing sources of health information, focus on ways to enhance their own and other’s mental health, research the importance of movement, reflect on the changes and challenges they have experienced, investigate healthy eating habits, reflect on what healthy, respectful relationships are and prepare for their future. The students engage in an incursion from the mental health organisation, batyr, in Year 9 and then participate in the bstreetsmart presentation on Road Safety in Year 10.

Across Years 7 – 10, the practical lessons focus on engaging students at all levels. They not only develop movement skills, the lesson’s promote inclusivity, leadership, teamwork and connection across a wide range of movement contexts. These lessons focus on increasing the student’s value of being physically active and developing habits that will promote lifelong physical activity. 

Each year the PDHPE Faculty facilitates HPE Day, which is a nation-wide initiative that highlights the importance of young people leading physically active lives. They also facilitate R U OK? Day, which is led by our Year 9 PDHPE students.

Stage 5 Elective – PASS

In Stage 5, the students at St Bede’s have an opportunity to broaden their understanding of movement and through the study of Physical Activity and Sport Studies (PASS). The course enhances student’s capacity to participate effectively in physical activity and sport, leading to improved quality of life for themselves and others. There is a mixture of theory and practical components. It provides the students with a broad understanding of recreation, physical activity, sport and health fields.

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