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In HSIE students explore varied subjects in human society and its environment to learn about history, geography, people, societies and culture. HSIE encompasses the mandatory courses of History and Geography in Years 7 to 10, as well as a range of electives in Years 9 to 12.

At St Bede’s, learners develop their understanding of History and Geography in an integrated program that links with other subject areas.  Learners enrich their understanding of both History and Geography through making links with these other subjects, including integrated assessment. Both subject areas are delivered in a contemporary way, integrated project-based learning, a range of tools, and authentic learning experiences, excursions and site studies.

The study of History provides the intellectual skills to enable learners to critically analyse and interpret sources of evidence in order to construct reasoned explanations, hypotheses about the past and a rational and informed argument. History also enables learners to understand, deconstruct and evaluate differing interpretations of the past. The cognitive skills of analysis, evaluation and synthesis underpin the study of history and equip learners with the ability to understand and evaluate the political, cultural and social events and issues that have shaped the world around them.

The study of Geography enables learners to critically assess the ideas and opinions of others and to form and express their own ideas and arguments. In so doing, form a basis for active participation in community life, ecological sustainability, creating a just society, promoting intercultural understanding and lifelong learning. Through the study of civics and citizenship learners develop knowledge of the decision-making processes that exist at a variety of scales, which informs them of ways they can participate as responsible and informed members of society.

The Electives offered in Years 9-12 give students a range of options to specialise their study.  

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