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Mission To Mars

Mathematics / Science / TAS 

The Mars 2020 rover mission is part of NASA's Mars Exploration Program. The rover’s landing system includes a parachute, descent vehicle, and a skycrane for lowering the rover onto the surface during the final seconds prior to landing. This type of landing system provides the ability to land a very large, heavy rover on the surface of Mars. 

TAS - Students designed and built a model of a rover descent vehicle that can safely transport two astronauts on a mission to the Moon, Mars, or other destinations in space. A drop test was conducted determining how well the spacecraft will protect the astronauts during landing.  

Science - Students completed an open-ended investigation exploring how the parachute design will affect the descent time of the rover. 

Mathematics – Students assumed the role of a Communications and Transport Logistics expert. Their job was to calculate distances and travel times for both communications and physical travel between Earth and a new base on Mars. 

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