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Sport House System

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Sport House System

Our house system is linked to a range of co-curricular activities, including sporting events, performances, social justice and community service. Points for participation and achievements in such events will accumulate over time with the point tallies being a way of promoting healthy competitions between the houses.

St Bede’s has four school houses that contribute to the spirit and culture of our College. Each House has their own colour and is aligned to one of our four pillars.

These houses and themes shape the identity and wellbeing direction our College. Each of the houses have a strong connection to our College Patron, St Bede and are associated with religious orders that had a significant impact in the growth of Catholicism within our local area


Colour: Yellow
Patron: Saint Benedict
Background: St Bede was part of the Benedictine congregation in the North of England
Key Value: Courage


Colour: Red
Patron: Saint Dominic 
Background: Dominican Sisters established Catholic education in the Maitland area in 1867  
Key Value: Knowledge


Colour: Blue
Patron: Marcellin Champagnat
Background: Marist Brothers began teaching in Maitland in 1898
Key Value: Faith


Colour: Green
Patron: Catherine McAuley
Background: Catherine McAuley founded the Sisters of Mercy who arrive in the Hunter region in 1875
Key Value: Community

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