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"St Bede’s story is one of faithfulness, academic endeavour and gentleness of heart."

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School Story

“St Bede’s story is one of faithfulness, academic endeavour and gentleness of heart. Students will have much to gain from aspiring to the qualities St Bede modelled.” - Bishop Bill Wright

In 2013, the Catholic Schools Office began a study, commissioned by Bishop Bill Wright, into the Provision of Secondary Education to ensure the diocese would be able to meet the future needs of students in Catholic secondary schools. The study also aimed to ensure that our Catholic secondary schools remain vibrant, relevant and academically competitive in an increasingly demanding and rapidly changing educational climate.

The study involved consultation with parents, staff and students of all diocesan secondary schools including the opportunity for submissions, interviews, surveys and meetings. The study gathered vast amounts of data through an analysis of historical information, listening assemblies across the diocese, quantitative surveys of all key stakeholders, qualitative interviews with stakeholder groups, the work and input of an expert panel of educators, a steering group and a literature review.

One of the key findings was for a new co-educational, Years 7-12 secondary school at Chisholm to open in 2018. The provision of a secondary school in this area responds to significant enrolment demand currently unable to be met in the All Saints Region at other Catholic secondary schools. St Aloysius Catholic Primary School, which opened in 2015, will be co‑located with this new secondary school, thereby providing a continuum of education in the area from Kindergarten to Year 12.

St Bede was chosen for the new secondary College after considerable consultation and discernment. St Bede is regarded as a most learned scholar and was considered a most apt choice for the name of a school where learning − and more particularly, learning characterised by the Catholic tradition, culture and spirit − is the reason for our existence.

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