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Cross-Curricular at St Bede's 


Our Philosophy

 “Our approach to education is holistic and guided by our vision for students to leave St Bede’s Catholic College as confident, resilient and reflective young adults, embracing learning, searching for truth and living their faith in a contemporary world” (St Bede’s Catholic College, Chisholm - Learning and Wellbeing Framework.)

Through the five elements of the Learning and Wellbeing Framework, the staff at St Bede’s have developed various cross curricular learning experiences to ensure the “delivery of rich and personalised learning and wellbeing”

St Bede’s teaching staff are highly collaborative. They share a common vision to present innovative and challenging learning experiences within real world contexts, with the aim to improve literacy and numeracy.

How Did it Begin?

Our foundation year in 2018 required all staff to reinvent their pedagogical approach towards all Key Learning Areas (KLAs). This was necessary as student learning was to take place in a large open demountable known as the Flexible Learning Village (FLV). This space catered for individual classes or clusters of up to 60 students with two teaching staff. Teaching staff developed a co-teaching pedagogical model with an integrated curriculum. Students were timetabled into these cluster groups combining Mathematics with Science and HSIE with English.

This instant change in learning, sparked various professional discussions amongst college staff and the development of our first cross curricular opportunity between HSIE, English and Music.

St Bede’s witnessed its first cross curricular launch involving all seven Key Learning Areas with all tasks connecting through the concept of “Identity”. The launch was conducted by taking the entire Year 7 cohort offline to unpack two major tasks known as:  Horrible Histories (Music/HSIE/English) and CSI Chisholm (Mathematics/Science/TAS)

Where to in the future?

Cross-curricular teaching and learning has been one means to engaging the students within real-world contexts and improving the literacy and numeracy skills of the students. This is a priority evident within the St Bede’s Learning and Wellbeing Framework launched in 2019. The College 2020-22 Strategic Plan has set a priority for all subjects to engage students in at least one cross-curricular task in Stage 4 and where possible to provide students with other opportunities in Stage 5.

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