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Agile Learning

Agile Learning

The full site masterplan for St Bede’s Catholic College, is centred around four large liners buildings which traverse the site, and are connected via an organic form circulation spine called the Peregrine trail.

The built form establishes student driven hubs and flexible learning environments which incorporates future focussed learning. The approach to the design of the school is based upon proving spaces that are flexible and adaptable as possible.

The flexibility and adaptability which is inherent in the design allows for an ‘agile building’ which reflects ‘agile learning’ taking place within it.

The spaces onsite will be adapted to suit the needs of the students and staff, reflecting the nature of the tasks that they will be undertaking.

The large open cluster spaces, which cater for a full year group, will include areas for quiet self-directed tasks, group learning areas, direct instruction areas and also direct access to specialist subject facilities.

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