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The staff at St Bede’s are committed to providing a high quality Catholic education for all students. Our teachers all have a love of the children in our care and a passion for teaching and learning. The highest professional standards are expected of our staff, along with the expectation of engaging in ongoing professional development including the completion, where possible, of further formal study. 

All staff are committed to the strategic direction of the College in working towards the achievement of the College’s Mission and Vision. The staff enjoy working at St Bede’s and treat one other, students and parents with the utmost respect and care.

College Management Team


John Murphy

Assistant Principal

Brett Donohoe

Ministry Coordinator

Fiona Duque

Religious Studies Coordinator

Fiona Duque

English Coordinator

Tamara Powell

Maths Coordinator

Nicholas Moroney

HSIE Coordinator

Andrew Cornwall

TAS Coordinator

Tamara Borkowski

Science Coordinator

Tamara Borkowski

Learning Technology Coordinator

Andrew Cornwall

CAPA Coordinator

Andrew Cornwall

PD/H/PE Coordinator

Tamara Borkowski

Learning Support Coordinator

Amy Butler/Melissa Sebastian

Student Coordinator

Jasmine Hutchinson Year 8

Michael Eccelston Year 7

Teaching Staff & Areas of Special Responsibility

Sport Coordinator

Nicholas Moroney/Michael Eccelston

Music Teacher

Michelle Burgess

Maths, HPE & Religious Studies Teachers

Sarah Millen, Ashley Cagney

Science & Mathematics Teachers

Liane Buckley

EALD Teacher

Amy Matsen


Ann-Maree Humphries

TAS Teacher

Mark Redman

Art Teacher

Nina Ross

Language Teacher

Louise Robertson

Administration, Clerical & Support Staff

Office Manager

Rachel Quirk

Executive Assistant

Joanne West

Finance Manager

Michelle Mitchell


Thibaut Huens

IT Support Officer

Ray Burg

Learning Support Assistants

Lelani Jacobs, Lucy Gallpen, Michelle Collie

Aboriginal Education Officer

Monique Crick

Canteen Supervisor

Natalie Samaras


Wayne Slaney

Catholic Church Youth Minister

Rebecca Piefke


Leesa Moore

School Officer - Laboratory and Food Technology

Brooke May

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