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The College opened in 2018 and is now a full Year 7 – 12 school. We are blessed with first class facilities. Staff appointments are made on their capacity to collaboratively work as part of a dynamic team within a contemporary and authentic learning environment. We have over a large and highly committed teaching and support staff. Details of these staff are listed below.

A highly structured combination of professional development opportunities, access to quality teaching resources and experiences as well as an emphasis on wellbeing and parent engagement have been developed to increase student readiness for, and engagement in, learning. Curriculum differentiation ensures the needs of students are catered for at all levels.


The Executive: John Murphy (Principal), Emma South & Amber Carter (Assistant Principals), and Andrew Slater (Ministry Coordinator) oversee the leadership of the College.


Middle Leaders: The College Middle Leaders have specific portfolio responsibilities in leading teams that are committed to highly effective teaching and learning and promoting student wellbeing within a safe and supportive environment.

  • Kirsti Proctor: Administration Coordinator
  • Tamara Borkowski: Curriculum Coordinator
  • Jennie Nemeth: Careers Advisor
  • Sandra Kinloch: Digital Innovation and Learning Coordinator
  • TBA: Gifted Educator Mentor (GEM)
  • Liane Buckley: Leader of Learning (Science)
  • Michelle Burgess: Leader of Learning (CAPA)
  • Lauren McCafferty: Leader of Learning (HSIE)
  • Sara Rowley: Leader of Learning (Religious Studies)
  • Kristine Hanrahan: Leader of Learning (TAS)
  • Sarah Millen: Leader of Learning (PDHPE)
  • Nicholas Moroney: Leader of Learning (Maths)
  • Tamara Powell: Leader of Learning (English)
  • Gillian Anderson: Leader of Learning (Vocational Education Training)
  • Elizabeth Hancock: Leader of Learning Support
  • Lauren Power: Leader of Wellbeing & Engagement (Year 7)
  • Rebecca Dawber: Leader of Wellbeing & Engagement (Year 8)
  • Kelly Pearson: Leader of Wellbeing & Engagement (Year 9)
  • Alanna Bohatko (Term1) & Eleanor Martin (Terms 2 – 4): Leader of Wellbeing & Engagement (Year 10)
  • Jasmine Simmons: Leader of Wellbeing & Engagement (Year 11)
  • Lauren Hillier (Term 1) & Amber Pyne (Terms 2 – 4): Leader of Wellbeing & Engagement (Year 12)
  • TBA: Pedagogical Mentor
  • Belinda Watts: Sports Coordinator


Support Staff

Our teachers and students are supported by a team of committed school officers who have a variety of roles and accountabilities including supporting staff within specialist areas, the library, student services, gardens and grounds, maintenance, and repairs of our buildings/facilities, ensuring a safe and secure environment, clean rooms, and a learning environment conducive to learning and positive wellbeing.

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Worker: Monique Crick
  • Canteen Operators: Debra Pullen & Veronica Rigelsford, Cindy Parkinson (Assistant)
  • Counsellors: Beck Meldrum-Hanna & Samantha Trajanovska
  • Creative & Performing Arts & Science Lab Assistant: Melissa Jones
  • Defence Force Mentor: Leesa Moore
  • Finance Assistants: Melissa Smith & Michelle Brien
  • Food Technology/Hospitality Assistant: Jessica Burg
  • Grounds Person: Daniel Cox
  • Learning Support Assistants: Megan Woodbridge, Karen Forget, Clare Edman, Sally Carroll, Taliese Pickavance, Gladys Roser, Charlotte Donohoe, Melissa Johns, Melissa Jones, Samual Daley, Georgia Townsend
  • Library Assistant: Mary-Jane Millard
  • Science Lab Assistant/WHS Officer: Andrea Bowe
  • School Officer: Carley Sweeney, Carley Hay, Cherie Kearney
  • Senior School Officer: Joanne West (Office) & Kylie Murray (Finance)
  • Technology & Applied Studies Assistant: Warren Dixon
  • Technology Services Officer: Ray Burg


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