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Article - Year 9 PDPHE Batyr Incursion

Published Thursday 24 June, 2021.

Year 9 PDPHE Batyr Incursion Image


Year 9 PDPHE Batyr Incursion

Our Year 9 students cover a unit of work called 'State of Mind.' Throughout the unit the students focus on ways to enhance their mental health. At the end of the unit, the students were given the opportunity to participate in an presentation from batyr. Below is a recount from two of our students Mia Alexandar and Alyssa Kirkpartick.
"We were visited by three people from batyr to talk to us about mental health and smashing the stigma around mental health. They came in and spoke about what mental health is, the positives and the negatives, how we can check in with people and make the first step. In the beginning of the incursion, we played some games and heard some stories. We heard two personal mental health stories; I think it was important hearing from both genders journeys so we could all understand the effects that mental health has without biased opinions. It let the students at our school understand the overall importance of learning about mental health and that there is a way to get out of the struggles with the help of our trusted peers and also help other peers around us to bounce back from their struggles. Strength and resilience were big components of the stories that were told to us. Year 9 are extremely grateful to be able to have this experience and to hear personal stories from people who have been through journeys of their own."

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