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Article - St Bede's Student Podcast

Published Friday 14 May, 2021.

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St Bede's Student Podcast

At St Bede’s we pride ourselves on trying new things, being innovative and creative. Podcasters Tyler Cox and Brayden Woodyatt of Year 10, have put together a St Bede’s Podcast with the purpose of entertaining our community whilst showcasing what is happening in our school. Why a Podcast? Podcasts are easily accessible and portable. You can listen whilst in the car, at home, on your phone or computer. Our hosts are excited to bring you important information, interviews from both staff and students each fortnight.


Our Podcast caught the attention of ABC Newcastle Radio host Kia Handley. She interviewed the Teacher-Librarian, Ann-Maree Pantaleo, on how our Podcast got up and running. Please see link below – the interview is 30 minutes into the recording.

 ABC Interview with Kia Handley.

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