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Article - RUOK?

Published Monday 18 October, 2021.

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Each year in Term 2, our Year 9 PDHPE students explore a topic in Year 9 called ‘State of Mind.’ The unit, focused on mental health, allows the students to learn how to best look after their own and other's mental health. At the end of the unit, the students work in small groups to create a proposal on what R U OK? Day could look like that year at St Bede’s. They then present to the class and the best in the year group is selected to facilitate the day. This year, the lockdown meant we had to change the plans of the day. See below one the students selected to help facilitate the day, Lucy Hudson, for her recount of the activities:


“St Bede’s took part in RUOK? DAY, which was really important because it allowed St Bede’s students to connect with people in or outside the school community that people may have concerns about and encouraging them to seek further help and to follow up to ensure support is being provided. Even though we could not be at school for RUOK? DAY it was great that we still managed to make it just as enjoyable and important. Every student had an opportunity to participate in many activities to promote RUOK? DAY. It was so important include students to be able to make sure to reach out and connect with others. It was a really fun day, with amazing experiences and even with the chance to win prizes and house points in the process. It was could not have been any better due to the school community getting really involved in the activities that really contributed to the day. The activities included Messaging a teacher you haven't contacted during remote learning, writing a letter to a relative you could have seen during lock down as well as letting three of your friends know that you are there for them if they ever needed it. These activities really corresponded in representing the purpose of RUOK? DAY, which was also followed by Playing kahoots, and a quiz to check in with yourself as well as many more to commemorate the day. It was awesome to be able to celebrate RUOK? DAY even if the school community was in a lockdown. It gave so many students as well as teachers a chance to better understand more about why RUOK? DAY is so important/ beneficial and receive a better insight to what RUOK? DAY is all about. RUOK? DAY was so well celebrated which will go on to be for many more years at St Bede’s.”

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